Subcontractor Documents

Subcontractor Documents

About these Documents

Pike utilizes a “Master Subcontract Agreement” and “Exhibit AA Work Order” to establish a contractual relationship with our subcontractors.

The “Master Subcontract Agreement” is a contract that contains Pike’s standard terms and conditions and is not specific to a project. The purpose of this document is to establish and execute a global agreement with regards to standard terms and conditions between Pike and a subcontractor for the first and any subsequent projects that may follow.

The “Exhibit AA Work Order” is the contract document that Pike utilizes to define the project specific information required to establish agreement terms with our subcontractors for a specific project. The benefit of utilizing the “Exhibit AA Work Order” is that if the “Master Subcontract Agreement” has already been executed, the only document that needs to be reviewed, negotiated and executed is a short “Exhibit AA Work Order.”

To have a binding contract in place for a given project, a “Master Subcontract Agreement” must have been executed prior to the “Exhibit AA Work Order” specific to that project before any work can begin.